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I'm thinking about taking a Christmas vacation from my internship. I've just been really stressed lately and being drunk for the first time didn't help either.

I think I need some time to settle down, so I'll will see you all after the new year. Merry Christmas.
[locked to thebetterbat]

I think we have a problem. Bolton's building something and he has your file of when the Penguin had the SonarPen.


You make me come. You make me complete.

You make me completely miserable.

Leave the bats alone...

 I think the youtube is making me sick.  Lets just say, out of what must be the many quirks one gets in Arkham, I've started studying bats. Well, my job doesn't give me a whole lot of time for tv (not like there's anything good on) so I'm think to myself, "Why not check the youtube? People post discovery on there."

Yeah, they do. Among other things.  Warnings: Animal Abuse and Violence.




I know everyone's been worried since the asylum escape but please, leave them alone. They're just animals, they don't hurt anyone and it's very rare to have a vampire bat in North America. Most eat only insects and fruit. They're actually vital to the environment, please save them.

((Real Life Author Note: My cousin sent me this and I literally felt sick. The weird part was I was watching these and part of my brain was like, "No! Don't kill Kirk!" Bats (all of them) are becoming an endangered speicies in California. Character posts and real posts are welcomed...and Hound, does Kirk consider himself more bat or more on the human side? I know he worked closely with them in The Man Who Would Be Bat.))

All Apologies

I've been acting like a real bitch lately.

I'm sorry everyone. I hope you can forgive me.

Jul. 28th, 2008

A lot of changes have been made of late. It's been almost impossible to remember all of the new rules but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The construction's almost done and soon we might be moving back into a more regular schedule. It's hard to write about what I'm feeling. I feel blank, tired and drained. 

[Friends lock: Everyone but lbolton  can read what's below.]

But mostly I feel lost. Heubert visited me the other day. When he heard that Man-Bat was loose he nearly had a heart attack. I've never seen him so frightened. I'm very torn. I despise Bolton and his practices but is this the price that must be paid to ensure that people stop getting hurt? I know that no one can stop the world's bitterness but it feels like the same offenders keep getting out again and again. Shouldn't we help them from hurting themselves and others? 

If...If I knew a way to drag the inmates back to Arkham...isn't it my duty to do that?

After all, bats of a feather flock together...

Eerily lost...

Arkham is difficult to describe. The one word I would have to use is forgotten. As if it use to be some great building at one point but has been abandoned and pushed out of the minds of the people of Gotham. It is also one of the best resources of the mentally unstable the country has to offer. My professor advised me not to go. He said that many a brilliant mind has been captured by Arkham's unseamly aura of madness. He is also informed me that not even the doctors are, in his words, "for lack of a better word...strange" and I should not become too friendly. 

This place seems the last that I would make friends what with the dark hallways and the grime everywhere but I came here because I wanted to learn from the best and I'm determined to do so. None the less, I can't help shake this creepy feeling as if there is something terribly wrong with this place, with the very building itself. I can't quite place it.